Custom Solutions

Custom brewing solutions are one of the many services we provide our wholesale customers.


Client Concern

Neil Robertson of Crumble & Flake Patisserie needed coffee that tastes like espresso, but with limited space in their Capitol Hill storefront he could only use brewing equipment that occupies less than 24 linear inches of counter space and a brew method that would not require his customers to wait.

The Solution

To meet Neil's requirements, we customized a Bunn brewer that creates turbulence (stirring) in order to maximize body and flavor as well as configuring it to brew the smallest batches possible. This modification allows the staff at Crumble & Flake to brew fresher, stronger coffee in a drip brewer, but with batches that taste more like espresso than drip.


The Result

When we installed the equipment, dialed in the grind and made a batch of coffee for Neil to sample, his exact words were, "Wow...this coffee tastes like an Americano."