Choosing Green Coffee

Roasting “in season” means that our coffee has been harvested and processed within the last 9 months. Our single origin coffee offerings vary throughout the year, while our blends maintain consistent flavor profiles year round. Well-developed palate memory gives us an advantage; we know which coffees to choose in order to keep our blends consistent.

Why Our Coffee is Sweet

Roasting in 21 pound batches gives us firm control over roasting time, cooling time, temperature, and air flow. Our frequent cleaning routine keeps air flowing freely, resulting in consistent flavor across multiple batches. The addition of custom built auxiliary cooling fans preserves the coffee's sweetness, even during the occasional hot summer day. There is no magic formula for delivering consistently delicious sweet and diverse coffee to our customers. Even with over a decade of roasting experience under our belts we remain ever-curious and are continuously seeking out new means of improving every step of the roasting process.