Harvest Seasons

Coffee trees, like any other cultivated crop, have a limited window of time when they are ready to be harvested. Luckily these harvest seasons differ between the various coffee farming regions around the globe, which means (excepting occasional harvest fluctuations) global coffee trade remains fairly consistent year round. To see which coffees are currently in season check the handy map above.

*Please note that as coffee processing, drying, and resting post-harvest takes anywhere from 30-60 days, in addition to international shipping time our coffees are typically imported 3 to 4 months after the initial harvest.



At True North we only buy coffees during the peak of each regions’ particular harvest season. This means we avoid coffees that might be undergrown in the initial month as well as the lesser beans produced by beleaguered trees at the end of the season and instead focus on the middle of the crop, when the harvest is at its best, which in turn makes the end product a better cup of coffee.