Sourcing Spotlight: Mulish Station in Guji, Ethiopia

Located on a slope above the Mormora River, some 40km away from Shakiso, Faisal Abdush’s Mulish Station processes both stunning washed and natural coffees from 880 Guji smallholder farms in the surrounding area. 

Learn more about the Mulish Station, and how they maintain high standards for coffee cultivation and production while also giving back as a vital part of their community.

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NEW ARRIVALS! Yirgacheffe Wanago and Panajachel Micro Lot

Fall is here and so are our new crop of seasonal coffees. This month we have added a natural process Ethiopian from the Wanago Mill in Yirgacheffe as well as a Panajachel micro-lot from a small producer near Guatemala City on Lake Atitlan. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this new green coffee. The first most obvious difference between our new selections is the means by which coffee is processed. Since water is less abundant in most African coffee-producing regions than in Central America or Southeast Asia coffees like the Yirgacheffe Wanago are cleaned via natural processes which...

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