Fall is here and so are our new crop of seasonal coffees. This month we have added a natural process Ethiopian from the Wanago Mill in Yirgacheffe as well as a Panajachel micro-lot from a small producer near Guatemala City on Lake Atitlan.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this new green coffee. The first most obvious difference between our new selections is the means by which coffee is processed. Since water is less abundant in most African coffee-producing regions than in Central America or Southeast Asia coffees like the Yirgacheffe Wanago are cleaned via natural processes which lends them a fruitier, less-cultivated flavor profile with a crisp, forward acidity. Coffees produced via a water process, like our new Guatemalan Panajachel micro lot, tend to strike balance between their body and acidity than natural process coffees.


No two coffees are made the same, nor should they be roasted the same way.

To preserve the crisp juicy fruit flavors of the Wanago, we roast it only until the first crack is heard, much more lightly than any of our other coffees. We roast the Panajachel slightly longer—right up to the second crack, which leaves it a little darker than the Wanago.

After letting each coffee rest, we put each of them to a taste test (with the welcome accompaniment of some frozen treats from our friends at Parfait).


Starting with the Wanago, we ground about 48 oz and brewed each in a chemex. (For those of you brewing at home, make sure to use a scale with most manual pour over methods as this helps eliminate most of the guesswork from the brewing process—for more brewing info, check out our brew guides here).


When brewed the Wanago makes a light, almost semi-translucent amber cup, while the more full-bodied Panajachel brews to a darker, chestnut color.

In the cup, the Wanago’s crisp acidity shines through while still maintaining its smooth body. We also found a fruit flavor somewhere between cherry and strawberry. The Wanago’s juicy acidity and robust body, which becomes especially apparent when brewed via chemex, we feel makes it an exceptional coffee. For those who prefer more body and subtle acidity in their coffee, the Panajachel offered a deeper cup with less acidity and notes of rich dark chocolate.

Both of these coffees are now available from our online shop and as part of our subscription service. We hope you too enjoy them both while they are still here. We know we did.