A long-lasting, creamy head on every cold brew poured. 

The HeadMaster is a patented device designed to blend coffee and nitrogen as part of a stout tap system to produce a head of persistently cascading micro bubbles.

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Creamy Cold Brew with a long lasting head

The HeadMaster nitrogen-blending device eliminates hours of fine-tuning draft systems for cold brew and infuses every glass with slowly cascading micro-bubbles.

See the results in action:

Features & Benefits

  • Regulates an exact coffee to nitrogen ratio during blending, resulting in creamy cold brew and a fuller, lusher aroma
  • Quick and easy keg replacement - The HeadMaster eliminates the need to shake beverage kegs before use
  • Supports standard 40° F (4° C) refrigeration temperatures; no specialized refrigeration required

Easy Installation

Simply mount the HeadMaster inside a standard tap system refrigeration unit, connect the clearly labeled inbound/outbound gas and beverage lines to the device.

Connect beverage and gas lines to HeadMaster

Connect the inbound gas to nitrogen regulator, and the outbound gas and inbound beverage lines to the Cornelius keg.

Connect gas outbound line to N2 regulator, connect gas inbound line and beverage outbound line to keg

Finally, connect the outbound beverage line to the stout tap, and you are ready to serve infused coffee beverages!

Connect beverage outbound line to tap tower

Included Parts

User Guide, Hose Clamps x4, Gas Line Connect, Beverage Line Connect

The HeadMaster has transformed our nitro cold brew! Not only do we have the best nitro in the neighborhood, we no longer need to charge our kegs and wait before serving; HeadMaster is plug-and-play. 


two year parts warranty:

Warranty starts from delivery date and covers normal scope of use as outlined in the User Guide, as well as regular care and cleaning as outlined in the User Guide. Damage resulting from use not covered in the User Guide will void the warranty. 

For warranty claims and service, contact: HeadMaster@drinktruenorth.com or (206) 999-9117