Taprite Primary Nitrogen Regulator

  • 0-120 PSI
  • 160lb low pressure gauge for beer or wine
  • 3000lb high pressure gauge for nitrogen bottle pressure
  • 1/4″ flare with check valve
  • Built-In Safety – A non-adjustable, precision, relief valve in every Taprite Regulator that cannot be removed or easily circumvented.
  • Fail-Safe protection — In case of regulator failure the Integral Safety will instantly activate to protect system from over-pressurization. Excess pressure is vented into atmosphere.
  • Keg Security — Pressure in Keg can never exceed preset level of 55-60 psig prior to shutdown. After shutoff no additional pressure enters the system.
  • Left-Hand Threads — High pressure ports (only) have left hand threads to prevent possible use as a low-pressure outlet.
  • Non-removable Adjusting Screw with locknut – designed so if turned all the way in, pressure entering system stays at safe level.

DIMENSIONS: 6 × 6 × 7 in

$ 72.00



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